Signing Digital Documents with DigiDoc and taking a Peek at Ervinal


Today I found out some pretty cool news. works for me. This is a free portal for doing online digital signing, provided by a company called SK. This private firm is Estonia’s only Certification Authority (in plain terms, it means they are trusted to help ensure digital keys are valid) and it is privately owned by some banks and telecoms. It’s not well advertised enough, imho, so hopefully this helps get the word out. Here’s the gist of how you do it:


  • Go to
  • You can Click on a document from the list, or upload your own
  • You can sign documents, just by clicking “Sign” next to any documents that you’ve haven’t signed yet (using PIN2)
  • You can download the Signed docs, and even a Confirmation page (with signatures / hash values)


One a personal note, I use public transportation when in Tallinn (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as above at all). During the summer I bike of course, but on my lazy days I walk to the bus/tramm/trolley to get my perse to work (Google translate works for ‘perse’, hah). Like most modern major cities, the public transportation system has a card (called Ühiskaart) you can load up with cash to pay for these journeys. If you’re a citizen of Estonia (and registered resident of Tallinn), you can get free unlimited rides on your Ühiskaart. As you can tell by my dark hair, I’m not Estonian. Right now this means I have to top-up by going to R-Kiosk’s. But as e-Residency progresses (and mobile ID’s become available in Spring hopefully) then problems like this diminish. Eventually this number on the eResidency ID Card will be evaluated like a regular Residency number is, across a broad set of services, so I’ll be able to top-up my Ühiskaart online.


One more Estonian State secret I want to give away. Everyone talks about how many cool e-Services Estonia has (vote online, taxes online in 3 clicks, and so on). If you have e-Residency, you get to see this all-up view that Estonians get – it’s called Ervinal. This portal pretty much gives Estonians an overview of the important things in their lives (personal details, health, assets, etc) all in one view. Very bad ass


That’s definitely the kind of thing I hope gets picked up in the rest of the world, as we move toward more e-Services. Ervinal does sounds like the name of an old man though, perhaps our US version of this would be called Reginald or Herbert 😀


Comments, Questions, Thoughts?

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