The World is Paying Attention to e-Residency


Brevity is a skill I have yet to master. If you look at my past posts, this becomes abundantly clear. Speaking of past posts, wow it’s been too long! What’s kept me busy!? Well, no need for excuses. I failed to carve out enough time for myself to do some writing here. I got to partake in some cool e-Residency related activities which I wanted to share. Heads up, you’re gonna see a bit more of “me” in this post.

In January an interview with a German TV show was published. They discuss e-Residency! Myself and a colleague (Merle is awesome) at Skype were interviewed as part of this. Sprechen sie Deutsch? Click here and find the “Estland erfindet den E-Bürger” video. Merle and I demonstrated document signing, between a HR staff member and a Manager, in Skype Tallinn office’s completely paperless setup. That was fun, thanks to Maris Hellrand and her professional crew.

In February, I had a chance to speak with the kind Karin Wickström from Swedish Radio, which also plays in other Baltic countries like Finland. Karin was professional and patient enough to work around my ridiculous schedule at the time (hey, work is kind of important to me after all). Here’s a link to the recording. If you don’t speak Swedish, there are some English snippets scattered through including at 2:28, 2:48, and 5:00 (yup, that’s me, I’m shameless).

Later that same month, the Dutch program “Tegenlicht” came to Estonia and did quite a bit of filming about e-Residency. This one has plenty of English for those who don’t speak Dutch and dives deep in the matter – worth the watch! Here’s the link. Special thanks to Schuchen Tan and her awesome crew! Also, shout out to Estonia’s President, Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, whom I had the honor of appearing on the same program as. The man is impressively well informed in any subject I’ve heard him speak about.


It was another great trip to Estonia for me. Tons of exciting things happening at Skype and Microsoft, of course. But I must admit, the sunny US West Coast weather (even in Seattle!) is a wonderful thing to come home to year round (feel free to write to me describe your jealous – I’ll just invite you to come visit). You survived reading through this entire post. See you next time…



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